Finance application management system

  • Manage entire application direct from System
  • Comprehensive work flow from the one system including booking vehicles,
    Veda credit checks, ABN lookup, and bank statements
  • Serviceability calculator
  • Comprehensive repayment calculations
  • Pipeline and settlement tracking and reporting
  • System support team tracking time & money for internal departments working on the application
  • Point of sale system including Menu Selling Integration
  • Detailed Reporting including export function
  • API for integration with third parties including lenders


  • Contact management system, email & SMS direct to clients, dealers, and brokers with one email to keep all informed as to the progress of the application
  • Full F & I system calculating total amount finance, Insurance, income, dealer commissions and broker commission, Menu Selling
  • Direct Feed for bank statements and Centrelink statements into Genius in minutes of customer completing the link
  • Diary Notes auto records every action completed in Genius
  • Forms auto populate with all information that can be emailed or printed for example: ASIC documents, Privacy forms, FSG
  • Settlement section recording all F & I income and expenses associated with the application
  • Direct feed into participating lenders
  • Performance Tracking
  • Document upload direct into Genius
  • Cloning application for existing clients to save time and improve efficiency


  • System enables broker high level of broker efficiency
  • Standalone/Seperate database that only you can have access too
  • Affordable monthly user fees
  • Use the system to manage client applications
  • Load clients in once you have spoken to and taken application
  • Pull credit file from the system
  • Manage workflow from the system pipeline & settlement tracking
  • System has ability to communicate through SMS & Email to client/dealer
  • System managers & Store compliance i.e; send credit guide and quote
  • Integrations-Credit file access, ABN Lookup, Bank Statements & Centrelink Statements (automated)
  • Serviceability Calculator
  • The system has team structure ability so that processes can support brokers
  • Improved compliance management compliance management section